Crippled Detectives

Lts“Oh!” said Sylvia suddenly. “What?” said Lee alarmed.
“Oh I have to go out with you to get firewood,” replied Sylvia. “Oh now
I remember,” said Lee, and into the house went the two girls to get
Lisette and Ben and the things they would need to chop down trees for
wood craft and firewood. The sister and brother came out. “Where’s
Anne?” said Lee in a worried tone of voice. “I don’t know,” said
Sylvia, turning around slowly to see if she could see Anne from the
distance. “Where are we going?” asked Ben and Lisette together. “To get
kindling wood if we find Anne,” answered Sylvia. “Here I am,” called a
happy voice. “Are we going to get wood again?” said Anne. “I found a
place where the trees are thick.” “Oh Anne!” said Lee. “Well, are we
going?” asked Anne. “Yep,” said Sylvia.

When they got to the spot Ben and Lisette cut
down the tree while Lee, Sylvia, and Anne stood in a patch of ivy.
Suddenly a wind sprung up and made the tree fall in the direction of
Anne, Lee, and Sylvia. “Run!” screamed Lisette. They ran but they
tripped on the vines of ivy. Before they could get up, smack! and blood
flowed out. The tree had fallen on their middles where they had had
serious operations. Lisette and Ben pulled off the tree and carried
them home. Off to the hospital they went and were crippled."

Crippled Detectives
by Lee Tandy Schwartzman

Photo: Gwen Head

[Thanks JC!]

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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