Holy H2O: Fluid Universe

"I recently visited the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore,
Maryland, for the first time, and this is the second part of my reflections on
the experience…
Lasiren"La Siren" was the part of the show that really spoke to my heart, in
particular the diorama of a bejeweled mermaid-woman rising out of the sea, with
"Syrena Rene de L’eau" spelled out in a dazzling rhinestone script at her feet.
"The Sacred Flags of Haiti" continued the religious symbolism that permeated
nearly every piece in the show, from the sequined tapestry embellished with a
vividly animated snake charmer mermaid by Nancy Josephson and Roland Rockville
to a dozen other permutations of mermaids or sirens engaged in mythical and
heroic acts (pictured here, La Siren Shrine by Nancy Josephson)."
Lauren Cerand

"In this world there is nothing softer
or thinner than water
But to
compel the hard and unyielding,
It has no equal.
That the weak overcomes
the strong,
That the hard gives way to the gentle –
This everyone
Yet no one acts accordingly.

      –Lao Tzu 6th c. B.C.

The simple truth known to the brokenhearted, the mystic, and the physicist:
what we think solid is not. What most of us believe constitutes the "real"
material world – the stuff we can reach out, touch, hold, buy, and see –
physicists all agree is actually not solid at all.   In fact, what appears
"solid" or material in our world is really 99.999999999999 percent empty space
made "solid" by a miniscule fraction of matter that may not even be matter but
wavelets of energy. Light is a particle that when we try and measure by passing
it through a narrow opening behaves just like an ocean wave passing through a
narrow harbor. Once through the slender opening, light wave and water wave fan
out, each forming a crescent pattern. A far more accurate characterization of
our universe would be "fluid."
Even our human bodies are far more fluid than they are solid. Like earth we
are mostly water–both in the range of 70%. Even human bones that feel so
substantial are themselves 30% water and on close examination reveal pockmarked
patterns of tiny rhythmic holes that mimic the flow of water that pits flow
patterns into seabed rock. Our eyeballs, the very same by which we read these
words, are washed 25 times a minute by water squirted from tiny ducts. Aquatic
by nature, we begin life in a fluid mix, are nurtured in womb waters, born to
suckle milk, and continue to take in fluids to survive. As the Koran sura 21.30
puts it, "We are made from water every living thing."
American Visionary Art Museum
Best wishes to our birthday celebrants at Moleskinerie/ORKUT:
Bradley Woods & A. J. Wright on May 24