How To Cut a Bamboo Pen


"Reed pens are many centuries old. They are used for Calligraphy that needs a
broad-edged, flexible pen. Ward uses bamboo pens for Blackletter and other
Gothic writing. The pens are about seven inches long and one half to one inch
wide at the tip.

Bamboo makes an excellent reed pen. The widest pens
come from bamboo which is thick outside but has a small diameter core. You can
use freshly cut bamboo or let the bamboo cure for a year or more. The fresher
the bamboo the more flexible the pen. Ward prefers freshly cut "black" bamboo
called Phylostachys."

Updated: July 02, 2007 at 11:40 PM
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  1. Please fix the link to Ward Dunham’s Reed Cutting demonstration if you can. Right now (and for the past year or so) it has led to instead of to Ward!


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