Moleskine on Courier-Journal


"This silent and discreet keeper of an extraordinary tradition, which
has been missing for years, has set out again on its journey," reads
the little history brochure included with each book. It’s printed in
four languages, another hint at the book’s pedigree of travel. "A
witness to contemporary nomad-ism, it can once again pass from one
pocket to another to continue the adventure."

Is it just a blank book? Or is it somehow something more?"

The little blank book is a cult hit
By James Bickers
Louisville, Kentucky


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2 thoughts on “Moleskine on Courier-Journal

  1. I just bought my first moleskine notebook. I am a complete newb…I am noteven sure what to do with it, what to write in it, or where I will take it.

    My life is so boringly stable and unadventuresome that I fear it will do nothing but lie on my nightstand, collecting dust, and crying out for me to write, but to no avail.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Write in your journal for at least fifteen minutes every day. It doesn’t matter what you write, when you write, or where you write. Just write. Draw pictures if that works better. Pictures are writing, too. Who cares. Write it down anyway, either way.

    Your journal may become your constant companion, and you may find yourself using it off and on throughout your day to capture ideas, moments, visions, or just dreck. It doesn’t matter, write it down.

    Your journal may become your morning motivator, or your evening confessor, left on your desk or nightstand while you go out to face the world. It doesn’t matter, write down your kick-starting self-encouragements or your nighttime regrets and triumphs, just write it down.

    Everybody starts out the same way — we’re all horrible at first. But the more we write it down, the less we worry about being horrible, and for some of us the more we write it down, the less horrible our writing becomes.

    A journal, for that matter, is a daily (which is where “journal” comes from) record of becoming. That only happens if you write it down.

    Lie about things if you have to, so that your descendants will admire your swashbuckling life, but write it all down.

    Get the idea? Good. Now go write it down in your journal.


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