Moleskine type notebooks


"Found these at a local store, next to the m notebooks, at prices from 2 to 9
Euros, as well as several other which I didn’t find any picture. I counted at
least 6 diferent types of notebooks, moleskine style, not counting the diferent
sizes. There must be a great demand to such high offer.

My only regret goes to the designers. Of course m design is great, unique
and functional, hand and pen tasty, but is that all there is? Is the m design
the ultimate notebook standard that everyone else will copy? I love to use
moleskine, but also think that we should use our imagination to create better
notebooks, to go even further in style and quality."

Nuno Cruz
Lisbon, Portugal

5 thoughts on “Moleskine type notebooks

  1. Before we start any discussions about alternative moleskine design, I think Modo & Modo should stop betraying their customers and produce notebooks with good paper again and the broad rubber cord around.
    Because of Modo & Modos economics and savings of quality which leads to worse paper and thinner, weaker rubber cord I stopped using moleskine and started using Clairefontaine paper which now is acid free as well and has no bleeding throug problems.
    Before we demand other design we should demand the former quality.

  2. Hugo, I agree with all you say. I made a comment to an Armand previous post about this issue, with focus on the paper quality and rubber cord (wich is less important).
    I think moleskine have the best design by far, but not the best quality in paper, wich is one of the most important caracteristics. And this if you compare same price notebooks, not those very fancy, large, golden harcovered notebooks.
    Clairefontaine is good but hard to find.

  3. I know what you mean.
    But I’ve found that recently-manufactured Moleskine notebooks seem to have the older paper (which seems less onion-ish and slightly thicker to me). My Cahiers have excellent paper, totally different from the thin-elasticed pocket notebook I bought last spring that seemed to have the thinner paper. Every notebook I have come across since last summer has had the usual thick elastic, from my own 2005 diary to gift Moleskines I bought for friends this past Christmas. The newer they are, the more true this is, it seems to me.
    Maybe it was a fluke at Modo&Modo.
    Or maybe they listened:)
    (Or maybe it’s my over-active imagination.)

  4. My Large Squared m has not given me any of the bleed problems noted here. It could do with a wider rubberband.
    I am using a G2 Gel pen and a Cross ballpoint. Sketches are being made using Pentel finepoint color S360 pens with no bleed at all.
    I only hope the case of m‘s I just ordered from the Vickery are of the same quality.
    If all of the above is true, as well as comments seen elsewhere, quality seems not to be the focus of M&M but inovation of design does.
    Hopefully comments made here or sent to will have an effect.

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