Palm vs Moleskine


"My Moleskine is a thinking tool, something for me to be creative with. My
Palm is a reference tool, something for me to store data in, as well as
reminders, diary dates etc.

For a while I have felt uncomfortable. Part of me wanted to use my palm in a
system that fitted my needs 100%. Another part of me knew that the tactile, free
flowing, pen on paper based notebook system just ‘felt’ better and more
creative. But I also really appreciated the fact that I could use my favourite
software Lifebalance to implement my personal life and project planning system,
the palm was much better at handling addresses, phone numbers and all of the
other notes I entered into it, yet I just could not enter information into it
my way. My way being one that changes constantly – lists,
pictures, diagrams, mindmaps…"

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5 thoughts on “Palm vs Moleskine

  1. I, too, originally hoped that I could use the Palm for everything, but found that the moleskine was missing link in my system. I can take quick notes in a conversation, outline a few things, and have a record of all of my time with me (I’m a billable hours slave), all much better in the moleskine than the Palm. I’d still choose the Palm over the Treo 650 if forced, but hey, who’s forcing? Palm + Treo = an almost complete set of tools for work and life.

  2. I have tried to use my laptop for everything, then a palm for everything, then a notebook for everything. I have found (like you) that you need different tools for different things. It was almost a DOH! moment. I was trying to consolidate all my tasks into one tool. Instead I have realized that there are many tasks and I need some different tools. It reminded me of the old saying, ” If all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.”

    So, I have realized that now I use pen and paper notebook for my thoughts and notes, my treo for a phone and contacts and mobile entertainment, and I use my laptop for email, surfing and writing all my lovely documents and schedules.

  3. I’ve just switched from a stifling Palm-only system to one which mixes paper and Palm together. I’m still looking for the right balance, but my reasoning is totally summed up by this post: Palm good for reference, hopeless for taking down information MY way.

  4. Same applies I think/find to: desktop search (X1/yahoo, Google, Copernic, Lookout); pc-based notes programs (The Brain, Stickies, Outlook Notes, Wikidpad, even MS Word); electronic planning tools (Outlook, Franklin Covey Outlook Add-in, MS Project, ta-da lists); and diagramming tools (Visio, Inspiration). Likewise multiple notebooks and scraps of lists work as long as one has some system for pulling it all together (as described by David Allen in Getting Things Done). Thought I had to choose one but then realized, in most cases, multiple systems overlapped but didn’t contradict.

  5. I never tried to use my PDA for everything, nor my Moleskine. The two had such obviously different uses, different strengths — if they didn’t, what was I doing carting both around? Then again, I have the advantage of being allowed by society to carry my stuff around in a sack. If I were male, limited to pockets or one of those thigh-bruising, hard-sided brief cases, perhaps I would try to make one serve every need, fruitlessly hoping that I wouldn’t have to add to my daily schlepping.

    My PDA is full of ebooks, reminders, URLs, and addresses. I use the calculator more than my grade school math teachers would like. My Moleskine is full of my drawings, snatches of life, texture, little pieces of visual flotsam I want to hold onto, and thoughts about art. How could the two overlap? Why would I want to coerce them?

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