Take Note of Note Taking


"Even if you’ve organized your life onto a computer and PDA, when it comes to
taking notes at the office, chances are, you’re still a paper person. At least
87 percent of us take paper notes in business meetings, according to a recent
study. Proving futurist John Naisbitt’s decade’s old prediction of the need for
high-touch products and practices in a time of high technology, there’s a
growing band of paper-based note takers, even among an influential group of
trendsetters in the high-tech industry.

Most notable among the
note-taking elite is the rebirth of the Moleskine brand of notebooks and
journals. From the Italian company Moda & Moda, Moleskines (pronounced
mol-a-skeen-s) are pricey bound journals that come in two sizes and variously
formatted blank pages. The notebooks, part of a broader back-to-paper movement
(see “My Gadget”), are spawning a cult following. Some users even scan and post
their Moleskine sketches, thoughts and poems to personal Weblog

According to Modo & Modo, the notebooks have been around a
couple of centuries and were used by Van Gogh and Hemingway, who, the company
suggests, used them in preparing some of their best-known works. Whether this is
historical fact or marketing mythology, there’s no debating that today, the
Moleskine is inspiring a whole new generation of sketch artists, songwriters,
poets and now business owners…"

Take Note of Note Taking
NFIB Business Toolbox

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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