The Drawing Club

"Intellectually I know that it doesn’t matter what I use to draw with or in, but
in my heart I know how much I love buying and unwrapping a new Moleskine

It does me good to head to the shop knowing I’m about to treat myself to my
loved notebook, to dally for an age over the display. Do I want a pocket
sketchbook, perfect for grabbing with my favourite pen when I want to travel
light? Maybe a large sketchbook, a true indulgence? It fits in my bag for a
sketching trip to a cafe, or sits on my desk begging me to draw in it. Then
there are the lovely different sized Cashiers, do I really want a packet of
them? Three little books wrapped together, light and easy to carry. I usually
have one in my bag and numerous ones scattered around the house and studio in
case inspiration strikes. Which do I want?

Of course I usually have to buy a selection. I have no willpower – but a lot
of sketchbooks…"

Michael Nobbs
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