The World’s First Moleskine Bag?

"Real Produce, a Japanese design office, has produced a limited edition bag specifically designed for carrying a pocket size Moleskine notebook. The "Moleskine Bag" was made in part of a collaboration series – whose concept is to create durable but... Read More


Recent comments

"I enjoyed the review of the Five Journals. I have been an avid journal keeper for about 43 years. Yes, that dates me! Over the course of time I have used a multitude of different books, different kinds of paper,... Read More


Books without words inside.

"Those us out there who use Moleskine, we do have an attachment to them — in front of us stands a finite number of lines to trace the circles of our own stories. A sense of ownership of the words... Read More


Prompts: Darwinian Gastronomy

"Any world traveler can attest to the pungent truth: Spicy meals tend to be found in warmer climates, while blander foods correlate to colder places. For years, people believed spices were used in the countries where they were grown to... Read More


Write Music: White Moth

Whitemoth is the pseudonym by which I compose and perform ambient, experimental, and new age music. Shikantaza  is the first cohesive recording that I am making available, and it is yours at no charge. It was designed as a guided... Read More



"What’s so great about Rhodia pads? 1) They’re beautiful, with their orange covers and backs 2) They’re bound across the top, with perforations at the top of each page to enable you to tear pages out neatly and cleanly 3)... Read More



"I find this interesting. For me, “Zen pockets” actually started years ago. I never liked sitting on a wallet. So, I switched to some combination of money clip and card case. Currently that’s the same device, a thin leather card... Read More