Decorating my Moleskine


"I believe I’ve fallen from grace as far as coolness is concerned with this
moleskine. But, this is the age of personalization and self-expression. Putting
one of my Frida Kahlo stickers on this reporter made it fun. The painting shown
is called The Little Hart.

If I had it to do over again, I might have
preserved my dignity by putting only one sticker on without the extra moleskine
stickers. But, alas, I received the stickers as a gift and wanted to use them.
As someone who uses multiple moleskines of the same size, I need a way to tell
them apart. Hence, stickers!.."

Tech Ronin

One thought on “Decorating my Moleskine

  1. When I put labels on my Moleskine spines and covers, they tend to come off after a (short) while, or to have the edges curl up. Haven’t tried contact cement yet (would it melt the cover?) or spray-on adhesive (too messy).

    What did you use to get the picture to stay on the Moleskine cover? How well is it holding the picture on during use of the notebook?

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