Flight of Ducks

Flight of Ducks
An online documentary


[via "Daffy", really]

One thought on “Flight of Ducks

  1. I enjoy ducks a great deal; when I was young, my father would take me down to the reservoir to feed them the leftover bread from our previous evening’s supper. I much enjoyed watching them frolic to and fro with their simple, yet delicious meal. Occasionaly during these joyous trips, the ducks would become a wee bit overzealous in their meal seeking and begin to nip at my legs — once even tearing my trousers open wide, exposing my buttocks and bloodying my legs. My wonderful father seemed to get quite the kick out of this event, as he stood immobilized in raucous laughter, pointing and shouting for all the town to see. I enjoy ducks so very much.

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