Lost! mood: Distraught!


"The worst thing happened to me two weeks ago. I had previously quilted
a little wallet/pocketbook type thing that could fit my moleskine in
it, along with the normal wallet stuff. Money, license, library card,
IDs, et cetera. Not to mention my favorite pen in the world.

was a wonderful clutch purse. And then, one fateful day, it was stolen
from me. There were only about two dollars in it; the rest of the money
I had was in the back pocket of my jeans at the time. So, the person
who stole it from me actually only got about two dollars out of the
deal, but managed to piss me off beyond all reason.

My money?
Fine. My ID? Fine. My library card? Fine. My MOLESKINE? Oh, bitch
better step off. You do NOT mess around with my moleskine notebook. I
had only had it for about four months, but it was practically half full
already. I had all of these thoughts and ideas and notes inside it..
and now they’re all lost. I guess that’s what I get for bringing things
that are important to me to school. I’ve already gotten around $20
stolen from me at various times, and a calculator. Who steals
CALCULATORS anyway? It wasn’t even a graphing calculator.

I just thought I would post this as a warning to everyone. Be careful
with your moleskine notebooks! When in doubt, don’t EVER LET IT LEAVE

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