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Launching iDip’s Initiative: MoleBlog

"I’m honoured to share with you my Initiative "MoleBlog" MOLESKINE+Blog. It’s my new way of blogging, because I’m fed up with the regular way of blogging. In the old days people used their pens, pencils, diaries, notebooks …etc, to log. … Continue reading

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The Mole and Sailor

"It takes a me a few months to fill up a Moleskine notebook, so going to purchase a new one is a special event. I look forward to it for several days as I come closer and closer to the … Continue reading

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Out of batteries

"After 36 hours of ongoing travel, the powerbook batteries are exhausted and the last couple of trains have no power pockets that work. Out come the Moleskine notebooks…." gra @ FLICKR © All rights reserved. Used with permission

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loose socks sketch

"i just remembered that i promised someone to scan my moleskine sketchbook. since i use the sketchbook as a journal as well, there are a few entries i’d like to keep private… so, i thought, having it scanned then blurred … Continue reading

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A rare welcome pop-up

0xDecafbad Congrats!

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shandy, ibooks and reading…

"I’ve been taking things reasonably easy this last week – oddly enough that hasn’t included much in the way of afternoon naps which is very unusual for me. In fact I’ve been experiencing the very odd phenomenon of the full … Continue reading

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The Science of Gardening

"Like all great endeavors,gardening is both a science and an art." The Science of GardeningExploratorium [via plep]

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Decorating my Moleskine

"I believe I’ve fallen from grace as far as coolness is concerned with this moleskine. But, this is the age of personalization and self-expression. Putting one of my Frida Kahlo stickers on this reporter made it fun. The painting shown … Continue reading

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My Moleskine Project

It’s just a little black notebook. But because of its pocket-size, iconic elastic strap and illustrious history, the Moleskine has become the Platonic Ideal of little black notebooks. Used by Vincent Van Gogh for sketches, Ernest Hemingway for prose and … Continue reading

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AFK*: Backstage

Due to miscommunication on media use of images, we have been asked to delete photos of the June 19th performance of Ballet Manila at Harris Theater in Chicago. This photographer regrets the inconvenience.

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