please stand clear…


"A woman with white shoes decorated with green hearts looked lovingly
up from her soft cover book onto the salt and pepper colored hair of
her suit wearing companion, while he, with his lips slightly open,
gazed up from his sets of stapled photocopies straight under the skirt
of a girl lost between two tiny white headphones.

“Jason” and his girlfriend took over the space next to the door on
the other side of the train. We all knew that he wanted her. She wanted
more and used words like “stop” and “it” and body language like “yes”
and “there” and “why not more, and why not over here?” Out loud. And
then louder. And then so loudly that the lady reading the “food and
good” book had to move sweaters out of the space between her and her

A delicate person was reading about genghis khan in soft cover. The
boy next to me read about the pursuit of happiness (his chapter: “the
need to sin”.) A gigantic man across from me managed to shuffle his
tiny ipod in a rather dainty way and out of sight.

And I should stop right now… because my next memory is of that lady
solving a cross word puzzle in Chinese… but that was this morning…
and now the Vornado wind moves over me very softly and I just knocked
on wood that this might be a nicely environmentally sound alternative
to a full blown air conditioner…
I will complain in a few days, I guess… the wood I knocked on was painted.
Please stand clear of the closing… ding dong…"

Witold Riedel

Image:© 2005 WR/ NYC