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Cac_2"I enjoyed the review of the Five Journals. I have been an avid
journal keeper for about 43 years. Yes, that dates me! Over the course
of time I have used a multitude of different books, different kinds of
paper, colors, lined, unlined, grid. I have even used a surveyor’s
notebook book and cheap ‘Logbooks’ of U.S. Navy issue.

Not to long ago while searching for information about Noodler’s ink,
I came across Mike Shea’s blog about the permanence of Noodler’s
bulletproof Black ink. His blog lead me to Renaissance Art. At his
recommendation I ordered one of their small journals – (4 ¾ X 4 ¾ ) –
$19.00. It arrived with speed as if ordered in a RUSH and sent 2nd Day
Air. This journal is of such fine quality and detail to workmanship
that I find myself marveling at it. The paper is just smooth enough for
a 00/.03 Rapidograph to glide smoothly over the pages.

Over the past 10 years I have predominantly used Leather covered
blank books from Crane’s with a lovely cream colored paper, blank, and
exquisitely smooth surface. I use it as my Morning Pages as described in the book ‘The Artist’s
Way: A course in discovering and recovering your creative self’ by
Julie Cameron.

For bedtime writing about the day, I use a Crane refillable journal
with the wonderful cotton rag paper which Crane is famous for, but is
no longer available. (I bought a stock pile of refills when they
announced it was being discontinued.)

I am in love with the idea of fine paper in a blank book. I am a
collector/user of fine fountain pens (FP) and what good is an excellent
quality FP if you write on cheap paper. Moleskine’s have become my
daily companion for anything that needs to be jotted down, from lists
of things to do and things to shop for, to new words I need to look up,
to quick thought jottings. It fits nicely into my pants pocket for work
or a cargo pocket for walks in the woods. With the elastic band to keep
it closed I can throw it in a purse or pack and not worry about other
things bending pages. Nothing could ever replace it for the quality and
size. I have stock piled quite a collection of various models, and a
fine nib fountain pen does not bleed through the pages as other thin
paper books do…"

Granny Kass
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