shandy, ibooks and reading…

Shandy_1"I’ve been taking things reasonably easy this last week – oddly
enough that hasn’t included much in the way of afternoon naps which is
very unusual for me. In fact I’ve been experiencing the very odd
phenomenon of the full day. Not something
I’m at all used to. Without a couple of hours sleep in the middle of
it, my days suddenly seem very long. It’s not just napping that takes
up time, it’s coming to afterwards. That tends to take me a good while.
Just now I’m able to plan to be out in the world in the middle of the
day which is liberating. I’m trying not to think too much of this
development, just enjoying the opportunity while it’s here.

Yesterday, when otherwise I might well have been slumbering, I
was sitting at a cafe table working on a book review. I had planned to
be typing away on my beloved iBook, but instead was rediscovering the
joys of working longhand as my iBook screen refused to work. I very
rarely write much with a pen, and looking at my barely legible scrawl I
know why. Legibility aside it made a pleasant change to write instead
of typing – helped along by the purchase of large ruled Moleskine. I
need to do it more (maybe my handwriting will even improve)."

Michael Nobbs