"I find this interesting.

me, “Zen pockets” actually started years ago. I never liked sitting on
a wallet. So, I switched to some combination of money clip and card
case. Currently that’s the same device, a thin leather card case with a
magnetic money clip on the back, a father’s day gift from some years
back, now missing the engraved monogram of my children’s initials.

money clip contains $22. The card case holds my drivers license, Social
Security card (which I only have because I had to take it to my first
day on this job, and haven’t yet put it back in my files at home),
health insurance card, car insurance card (which needs to go in the
car), ATM/Debit card, a photo of my children, and, oddly enough, a Sams
Club card I didn’t know was in there.

This goes in my front
left pants pocket, where I’ve carried my wallet replacements for ten
years. It’s thin, small, and I don’t even notice it.

Coins go
in there as well, and get cleared out every night into a jar on the
dresser. You’d be amazed how much money you can accumulate in change
that you can cash in every few months…"

Chris Thompson
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