The Mole and Sailor


"It takes a me a few months to fill up a Moleskine notebook, so going to
purchase a new one is a special event. I look forward to it for several
days as I come closer and closer to the end of an old notebook.  And on
that day, I almost feel as though I should dress up.

After I’ve touched all the notebooks and made my final selection(s),
I take them to the counter where the proprietor carefully takes them
from my hands and begins a conversation about anything at all. While
he’s talking, he carefully wraps the books into a kraft paper bundle.
He has it down to an art now…never a fold showing. When he has the
books safely secured in the kraft paper, he ties the bundle with green

When I leave the store, my new notebooks are tucked under my arm, in
an intriguing looking bundle, rather than joggling around in a plastic

Once I’m back home, I take everything off the coffee table and
unwrap my bundle. I carefully slice the vacuum sealed plastic from each
book, slip off the elastic closures, open the books and bury my nose in
them. Moleskine paper smells wonderful."

The Mole and Sailor
Cider Press Hill

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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