The World’s First Moleskine Bag?


"Real Produce, a Japanese design office, has produced a limited edition bag specifically designed for carrying a pocket size Moleskine notebook.

The "Moleskine Bag" was made in part of a collaboration series – whose concept is to create durable but lightweight and fashionable bags for travelers – by the bag manufacturer Yoshida Kaban (Yoshida & Co., Ltd.), known for its Porter brand line, and Paper Sky, a popular Japanese travel magazine.

The black bag has a small pocket that holds a pen on its front, and has two short beltloop straps at the back, which can be adjusted so that the bag can be worn closely to the waist or hung loosely from the belt, plus two loops for hooking a shoulder strap onto it (shoulder strap not included).

The bag now comes with one Moleskine Reporter notebook and one Recife Reporter ballpoint pen at the price of 14,800 JPY (tax excluded), which is about US$135.00. It seems the bag is sold only within Japan through online orders at the moment.

LINK (only in Japanese)

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Jim Six of the
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11 thoughts on “The World’s First Moleskine Bag?

  1. Nice bag but at USD135 a bit pricey – what else do people use to keep their Moleskine’s in?

  2. This wasn’t the first! Lisa at Ninth Wave Designs started offering a bag last year as part of her gift set. It’s $35 US and includes a pocket-size Moleskine. In my opinion, Lisa’s design is far better than the one in the posting.

  3. I use a Baggallini bag. Found it at It is the most perfect bag I’ve ever had. I have two sizes. Small and exsmall. Black. My Moleskine fits right in with my other essentials – pens, cell, palm, passport, cards. The strap can be worn two ways – reg or around waist. I’m not selling these things. Just sold on them.

  4. Don’t you think this rather defeats the purpose of having the pocket Moleskine? It is small enough to fit easily into your pocket or even a small purse. Simplify!

  5. While my moleskine fits nicely into my pocket, it has to fight for space with my wallet, mobile phone, PDA, coins and keys! A bag may help to reduce the pocket pressure.

  6. You must have HUGE pockets Bill:) I like how my pocket Moleskine fits in my back pocket along with my wallet and G2. I have no need for a Moleskine bag, but it is cool.

  7. I toss my moleskine sketchbook and a couple of drawing impliments into whatever rucksack or bag or sack or box or bowl I happen to be carting with me. I’ve never considered a separate case or bag for the moleskine because, well, I’d end up stuffing the case into the very same rucksack or bag that I stuff the moleskine into now, and I don’t see much point in adding an additional layer of zippers between me and my prize.

    Perhaps I’m strange, but it seems that I need a certain amount of “stuff” (moleskine and drawing impliments included!) to go *anywhere*, but I require very little else to go on month-long trips to foreign lands… So, I travel with too much locally, but I pack light gobally. Huh. Anyway, I’m usually found with a rucksack or something of similar size.

  8. Why have a separate case for your Moleskine?

    It’s true, you CAN live without the case. You can stuff your notebook in your back pocket, in your rucsack, in your briefcase, your purse, or your jacket pocket.

    But sometimes a case, like the towels in HHGG, is just about the most useful thing you can have. Here are ten of about a thousand reasons to put your Moleskine in a case.

    – It protects your Moleskine from the elements – fire, air, earth, water, Dr. Pepper, ball park mustard, sunscreen, baby formula, Great Dane drool, and anything else mother nature and your travelling companions can throw at it.
    – It protects your Moleskine from whatever else is in your rucksack, briefcase, purse, etc. — rock specimens, cosmetics, Hershey bars, WD-40, etc., etc., etc.
    – It can organize your pens, your notebook, and your Cahier so that you have all you need in one place for journaling anytime, anyplace.
    – It can at least make you appear to be organized, even when you’re not. This tends to impress the boss.
    – It can be pre-packed so if you need to fly off to Ulan Bator on five minute’s notice, you don’t have to waste precious seconds finding your writing kit and putting it together. Just throw the case in your bag and you’re done.
    – You can keep your Hipster PDA in it (Hipster PDA’s do not fit in the Moleskine’s pocket, alas).
    – You can put a lot more receipts into the second pocket of the Ninth Wave case than you could ever stuff into the Moleskine’s pocket — handy for long trips that have to be reimbursed via expense report.
    – You can put a whole pack of ink cartridges in that second pocket, too, if you have a fountain pen in the case too.
    – Speaking of fountain pens, the case does a much better job keeping your shirt ink-free than that tacky plastic pocket protector (looks better too).
    – You can put your plane ticket, bus pass, passport, ID, gasoline credit card, etc. in the case and have everything you need for transport all together.

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