AFK*: At the Town Fair

"Caloric Colors" "Master of Gravity" "Watts Tower" A town fair somewhere in middle America.© 2005 ABF   For updates and donations, visit the WMP page.View the scans at " Journey", the WMP Gallery hosted by  Joachim du Beleg. Merci!…Birthday greetings... Read More


Lock Up Your Private Writing

"If someone has read your diary, or even rifled through your desk drawer looking for it, you can relate to my feelings of anger and betrayal. In an ideal world, we would all respect each other’s privacy and wouldn’t dare... Read More


Pigeons pigeons pigeons

Photo: Auburn University "St Mark’s is like this – rows and rows of pillars with curtains draped in the arches, and glass globules on the tops, looking like pawns, like round domes.  The pillars are darkish, grey rather than gleaming... Read More


Notebook note holder hack

"This idea came to me a week ago. By folding a paper in a zig-zag pattern and flatten it you’ll get two, three folds that can be used to keep notes available and readable without falling out of the notebook…... Read More


100 Photographs that Changed the World

"Words. Ever since chisel was taken to slate, it has been accepted that words can and do change the world. Whether it be the Torah, the New Testament or the Koran, the Magna Carta or the Declaration of Independence, J’Accuse,... Read More


Benjamin is the New Black

" It’s kind of scary how literal and intense the phrase "consumer culture" really is. It’s not just that we are a culture of consumers, but in fact our cultural icons and symbols and sources of meaning and identity are... Read More


The Paper “Wrap”

"the moleskines come with that brightly colored strip of paper wrapped around the cover.  i love the "graphic" look it gives the books.  i can also see the benefits of color coding [i use multiple moleskines in multiple formats].  but,... Read More