Gather ’round and I shall tell you a story…


"I don’t use a typewriter. I write longhand, with a pencil. Essentially
I’m a horizontal writer. I think better when I’m lying down."-Truman

And I liked that. I think I, too, am a horizontal writer
and definitely think best either lying down or walking. But I don’t
write in pencil anymore. Being left-handed makes the pencil smudge too
easily and some of my earliest journals are nearly illegible now due to
the pencil fading. And I use my journal for things other than just
journaling-I jot notes, grocery lists and snatches of conversation in
it, titles and authors of books I might like to read, songs I want to
listen to, rough sketches of things. I have even torn out pages to
write notes to leave for people as well. I also tend to leave the last
12 pages blank in every journal. This goes back to when I was living at
home as a teenager and early 20-something in the 80s and early 90s. I
wasn’t allowed to have journals or basically, be creative back then. I
used small notebooks that I was able to easily hide inside my shirt or
bundled into a sweatshirt when I went out with friends. And even when I
moved out, and began using regular sized journals, the habit of leaving
12 pages blank stayed with me. I figured that if I ever wasn’t allowed
to write again, or became too poor to afford notebooks, I could tear
all those sets of 12 blanks out of my journals and bundle them together
to make a journal to hold me over.

Gather ’round and I shall tell you a story…


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