Notebook note holder hack

"This idea came to me a week ago. By folding a paper in a zig-zag
pattern and flatten it you’ll get two, three folds that can be used to
keep notes available and readable without falling out of the notebook…

Its made of
regular copier paper and fastened with scotch tape. I think this is a
good alternative to Moleskines accordion pocket, and you can keep loose
notes in the notebook without having to use clips."



One thought on “Notebook note holder hack

  1. I just did this not too long ago, although mine is aimed at holding 3×5 cards (my shopping list, indices, etc). I printed out a pleasant pattern and used it as a strip. On US Letter paper, you can only get two “inward facing” pockets and one “outward facing” pocket… but you have to start the band at the *outside* edge of the Moleskine (I use a pocket plain). Attaching strips together is an option, of course… or what he appeared to do, which is to have the folds not go all the way back across the cover.

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