AFK*: Lise Sutherland-Fraser


"I’ve been away here and there as I’ve said and I wanted to add a very
cute little pic to your AFK from a trip I did to Thailand with a disaster
management company to help with the tsunami.  I was there for 3 weeks and stayed
at the beautiful JW Marriott hotel in Phuket.  After about a week of being here
and stashing bits of Baht around the room, I came in to find this divine
elephant!!  Then followed a baby elephant, dog, swans and turtles!  It made my
trip!  My moleskines went for the trip too!"

Lise Sutherland-Fraser  :^)

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Happy Monday to Lise and all our friends in Oz, NZ and the Pacific.


And here’s that Cestrum in bloom. ^_^


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Happy 15th Birthday to our intern and friend Alex Coxe.