Asia Gniady


"My name is Asia and I live in Poland. Several months ago a friend of mine
recommended me your site and from that time I visit it almost every day with a big

I’d love to have my Moleskine but in Poland there’s still no place
where one can buy this legendary notebook. So unfortunately I have to use other
notebooks and keep on dreaming about my first Moleskine. Sometimes I also take photographs and after, add words to them. It’s
something like a diary or chronicle of everyday life."

Asia Gniady

3 thoughts on “Asia Gniady

  1. It should be possible to order some Moleskines from Germany, although it may be a little bit expensive… takes 8 Euro for shipping to Poland, 11 Euro (The notebook alone 10,-). Don’t know if there will be any additional tariff costs, but it might be worth a try. Just ask me if you need help with the translations!

  2. Hello Asia,
    I Share your passion for Moleskines and I also live far away from
    where they are manufactured. And I found a great way to get my
    Moleskines – Ebay. Try it. When I got my first Moleskine I was as
    excited as a child and since then I not only order all my Moleskines
    through Ebay I even sell them there. Check it out at and
    you dream of having a Moleskine will come true 🙂

    Best of Luck

  3. Hello Asia, my name is David Gniady. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. We may be related. My Grandmother and Grandfather came to the U.S. in 1916. My Father visited Poland in 2003, and found some family. I would like to write, to find out more about you, and to tell you more about myself and my family. Please email me, and give me your email address.



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