Ed Flores


My Moleskine, Kenwood TH-F6A tri-band ham tranceiver, iPod mini, Windsor & Newton Travel watercolor set

Ed Flores


I’d like to welcome our friends from QRZ.com. Thanks for visiting. – ABF


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  1. Thanks Chris,

    The radio in the picture is able to transmit over three amateur frequency bands and able to monitor just about everything (short of cellular) that is out there. I use it to listen to regular and shortwave radio. I monitor aircraft on the ground and in the air. I am able to listen to the local police and I can listen to television. It really is a cool little radio.
    In order to operate the radio legally one must obtain an amateur radio licence. I have the basic technicians licence. If you are interested you should take a look at QRZ.com. There are a few links to show you how to go about getting a ham licence. It wasn’t that hard. It was worth the study time and the wait! If not there are quite a few scanners that can be obtained with out a licence. Good luck and enjoy!

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