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How much of GTD is about computers/technology? What kind of software is out there that people are using for GTD?
Looks like it’s not just about software – where do the Moleskin notebooks and Hipster PDAs come into this and how do
they weigh up against, say, a Palm Treo?

It’s not about technology at all. The technology aspects of GTD are are a side-effect of the agnosticism I mentioned
earlier. Particularly on the web and in discussion groups and blogs, you’re talking about a demographic group that has
a deep affinity for technology and putting it to work to help solve problems. So it’s a natural consequence that much
of the online discussion of GTD tends to get wrapped up in discussion of gadgets and software. The threads that have
emerged about the Moleskine journal or Hipster PDA are, IMO, a manifestation of some techies’ desire to get back to
basics, to simplify. The tactile experience of writing in a journal is gratifying for many of us. The “cool factor” of
a life hack like the Hipster PDA is a sort of Luddite indulgence practiced by people who have too much technology in
their lives already. So it’s ultimately not an either/or proposition. I’ve written a number of blog posts about how I
use both a Treo and a Moleskine in my daily work and life. Each provides a useful piece of the puzzle in my personal
approach to GTD.

Marc Orchant
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  1. Thanks for posting this Armand. Of course here at Moleskinerie, we’re kind of preaching to the choir. But my Moleskine “habit” continues to be quite a hot topic of discussion with my geek friends. Some of them have taken the plunge and now “get it”. Others remain blissfully unclued about the joys of writing in a fine journal. Such is life.

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