Me Box


"Me Box" can store your junk, your history, your bills, your shoes, your
records, your books – what ever you want it to.

The functionality of Me
Box is for the seemingly non – descript container to be given a purpose and an
identity. The boxes are made of natural kraft card with a vibrant silkscreen
colour finish. Flat packed, they are ready for you to customise and assemble.
Push out the perforated discs at the end of the box to create your label, make
initials, symbols or text. This unique labelling feature can be extended when
boxes are put together to make longer messages. When assembled (very easily),
the contrasting inner panel of the box will reveal your mark."

Factory 37

[via Design Sponge]

3 thoughts on “Me Box

  1. Heh. I do that, only I use normal storage boxes from OfficeMax and paint them with latex interior paint (to make them a bit nicer to look at on the shelf).

    Each project gets one, small projects live in a paperbag inside one along with other ones.

  2. I don’t know. To me, the look reminds me of old network coverage of elections when the digits would look just like these on a big board behind the anchor. I think regular storage boxes labeled with large labelmaker labels would work better for me. My problem with this much unseen storage is my tendency to stuff things in them and never give it another thought. It’s a bit like getting the clutter off the desk and hiding it behind “organization.” But, then again, I realize lots of people have more discipline than me.

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