Now what?

MnsManasses: "Now that I own a Moleskine, what to write ?"
is my current question: what to write as an opening on my recently
purchased Moleskine ? What would be worth writing on it for the first
time ?
Have u ever come across this dilemma ?


"i usually make a small drawing on the inside cover of my moleskine which almost always determines its destiny 😛
second drawing i make is a reply to the first and the third to the
second etc etc. but i use my moleskines usually as sketchbook diaries.
just an idea: if you are going to use it as a journal or something. why
dont you go to some second hand book shop and randomly choose a book
and open a random page and write down the first sentence you come
across 😛
can be fun or maybe its just me who likes going random"

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6 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. I always have the same problem… so on the first page of my current Moleskine I wrote: [this page intentionally left blank].

  2. Just experienced the random event of an errant slosh of cheap coffee across my carefully scribed moleskine–horrors! I am faced with the transience of all things. My words are now splotty stains, and the pages curl and crinkle defiantly. My frantic dabs could not save it. I think the only thing harder than starting to write in a new moleskine is to see your ink turn into illegible water-color smudges. Guess I’ll have to begin again, but this time with a reverent promise of greater care.

  3. Doctor K —

    Use a fountain pen and Noodler’s Black, Noodler’s Eternal Brown, or Noodler’s Legal Lapis ink and you won’t have to worry any more about spilled liquids dissolving your pearls of wisdom. Those three inks are about as permanent as the Moleskine itself, once they dry on the page.

    You can get Noodler’s a lot of places on the Web (check Google). I order mine from Pendemonium (

  4. Thanks for the tip on Noodler’s ink–I use a fountain pen almost exclusively. I will augment my stash of Herbin inks with some Noodler’s, and yes, begin a new moleskine.

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