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Paige Pooler

"…a slice of Metropolitan life. I thought about illustrating something with more hustle and bustle, crowds or even a more elegant moment with skyscrappers filling the skies . BUT, I just kept finding myself thinking of a more European/Soho/ parts … Continue reading

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Eric Hoffer

"When he published his first book, in 1951, Eric Hoffer has been a longshoreman for eight years and had toliled another twenty years before that as a migratory worker. The book, an abstract and lucid analysis of mass movements called … Continue reading

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Moleskine Alike

There are so many envying Moleskine’s success, we’ve seen some vendor copying certain aspects of the great quality and created mimics. This time I met a vendor in Japan trying to launch a new series of notebooks in October, the … Continue reading

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AFK*: Lise Sutherland-Fraser

"I’ve been away here and there as I’ve said and I wanted to add a very cute little pic to your AFK from a trip I did to Thailand with a disaster management company to help with the tsunami.  I … Continue reading

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Soul Laid Bare

"Several months ago, I bought a Moleskine notebook as a scribble journal to carry around town. Everyday, my brain gets filled with noise waiting to be organized, structured, and fine-tuned. Everything I see has a perspective and story to be … Continue reading

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Sunset in the Hummingbird Garden

Its Hummer Time! H3, the third generation hummingbird in our garden. Salvia "Flare" Cestrum NocturnumThe night-blooming jasmine ready for this evening’s season premier.

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"A contemplative toy that gently rocks as it infuses clouds of flavor before your eyes. This is what happens when designers and connoisseurs meet for tea.      Ultimate infuser for tea enthusiastsIntuitive "scoop-slide-steep" functionalityReflects the aesthetic of traditional loose tea … Continue reading

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Pencil Revolution

"Stay tuned for news of the Pencil Revolution. The PRevo.Including pencil reviews, pencil stories, history, benefits, advantages, etc.On why you should be using a pencil.Or pencils.And not the mechanical kind.Sharpen your pencils, and get ready". Pencil RevolutionONWARD! It was bound … Continue reading

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Anyone with a ruler?

From a reader: "What is the line-to-line distance (\baselineskip equivalent, for TeX users 🙂 ) in the ruled Moleskines? Is it different between "pocket" and "large" sizes? P.S. Just to clarify, if I had one of these things I’d measure … Continue reading

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Gather ’round and I shall tell you a story…

"I don’t use a typewriter. I write longhand, with a pencil. Essentially I’m a horizontal writer. I think better when I’m lying down."-Truman Capote. And I liked that. I think I, too, am a horizontal writer and definitely think best … Continue reading

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