Design Kitten

A couple of nice, summery drawings from our friend Trish Harvey Visit her blog, Design... Read More


Now what?

Manasses: "Now that I own a Moleskine, what to write ?"That is my current question: what to write as an opening on my recently purchased Moleskine ? What would be worth writing on it for the first time ?Have u... Read More


Chocolate Mole

"Despite being a devoted reader and fan of Moleskinerie, I did not actually own a Moleskine notebook of my own until recently (mostly due to the fact that I overindulged at Monoprix last time I was in France and have... Read More


Ed Flores

My Moleskine, Kenwood TH-F6A tri-band ham tranceiver, iPod mini, Windsor & Newton Travel watercolor set Ed Flores… I’d like to welcome our friends from Thanks for visiting. – ABF... Read More


Asia Gniady

"My name is Asia and I live in Poland. Several months ago a friend of mine recommended me your site and from that time I visit it almost every day with a big pleasure. I’d love to have my Moleskine... Read More


Me Box

"Me Box" can store your junk, your history, your bills, your shoes, your records, your books – what ever you want it to. The functionality of Me Box is for the seemingly non – descript container to be given a... Read More


Everything Eastbourne

"One of the things I really enjoy about living and working in Eastbourne is the sunshine and fresh air. Recently it’s been getting really hot, so I thought rather than sweat away in my work, I’d make my workspace more... Read More