A Heavenly Craft

"A Heavenly Craft: The Woodcut in Early Printed Books is a Library of Congress exhibition that presents for the first time all the woodcut-illustrated books purchased by Lessing J. Rosenwald at the Dyson Perrins sale, now part of the legendary... Read More


A Wizard’s Notes

"A Wizard’s Notes"by A.B.F. For updates and donations, visit the WMP page.View the scans at " Journey", the WMP Gallery hosted by  Joachim du Beleg. Merci!…Birthday greetings to our friend @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT: Arthur Vanderbilt July 17. Also to Donnie Jeter,... Read More


Bahamas Moleskine

"Here is a journal I just added to the site.  I have journals for everywhere I’ve been; they are my notes and my own personal compact guidebook.  For me, it is the ultimate travel writer’s tool." Erik GaugerNotes from the... Read More


Plant porn

" Shooting pictures of pretty plants is like shooting pictures of pretty people: you know folks are going to love your pictures by sheer virtue of the subject matter. Plants don’t move, and plants in a botanical garden are, well,... Read More


Marc Orchant on GTD

How much of GTD is about computers/technology? What kind of software is out there that people are using for GTD? Looks like it’s not just about software – where do the Moleskin notebooks and Hipster PDAs come into this and... Read More



"You don’t need a steel hull to crack open a bottle of champagne. Come to think of it, opening the bottle from the top allows you to fill a few glasses as well as celebrate a launch. To mark the... Read More


Medieval Spanish Poetry

Kharjas definition, Ibn Sanâ al-Mulk (ss.XII-XIII) "The Spanish lyric has been considered the oldest in Romance Europe, since the discovery of the kharjas. These were written in Mozarabic dialect -a variation of Romance, derived from Latin- with Hebrew or Arabic... Read More


Handmade pens

HANDMADE, AMBOYNA BURL, Jr. GENTLEMEN’S FOUNTAIN PEN "If someone needs to buy a present for those who appreciates pens, these are wonderful and really affordable. The producer makes everything by hand and chooses only beautiful rich (and usually exotic) woods... Read More


NoteTaker Wallet

"This is not a cheap piece of gear (if you want cheap chic, build yourself a Hipster PDA out of some index cards and a bulldog clip). But the quality shows in how long this wallet has held up. I... Read More