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A Heavenly Craft

"A Heavenly Craft: The Woodcut in Early Printed Books is a Library of Congress exhibition that presents for the first time all the woodcut-illustrated books purchased by Lessing J. Rosenwald at the Dyson Perrins sale, now part of the legendary … Continue reading

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A Wizard’s Notes

"A Wizard’s Notes"by A.B.F. For updates and donations, visit the WMP page.View the scans at " Journey", the WMP Gallery hosted by  Joachim du Beleg. Merci!…Birthday greetings to our friend @ Moleskinerie/ORKUT: Arthur Vanderbilt July 17. Also to Donnie Jeter, … Continue reading

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Bahamas Moleskine

"Here is a journal I just added to the site.  I have journals for everywhere I’ve been; they are my notes and my own personal compact guidebook.  For me, it is the ultimate travel writer’s tool." Erik GaugerNotes from the … Continue reading

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Plant porn

" Shooting pictures of pretty plants is like shooting pictures of pretty people: you know folks are going to love your pictures by sheer virtue of the subject matter. Plants don’t move, and plants in a botanical garden are, well, … Continue reading

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Marc Orchant on GTD

How much of GTD is about computers/technology? What kind of software is out there that people are using for GTD? Looks like it’s not just about software – where do the Moleskin notebooks and Hipster PDAs come into this and … Continue reading

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Firmly Planted

Firmly Planted

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"You don’t need a steel hull to crack open a bottle of champagne. Come to think of it, opening the bottle from the top allows you to fill a few glasses as well as celebrate a launch. To mark the … Continue reading

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Medieval Spanish Poetry

Kharjas definition, Ibn Sanâ al-Mulk (ss.XII-XIII) "The Spanish lyric has been considered the oldest in Romance Europe, since the discovery of the kharjas. These were written in Mozarabic dialect -a variation of Romance, derived from Latin- with Hebrew or Arabic … Continue reading

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Handmade pens

HANDMADE, AMBOYNA BURL, Jr. GENTLEMEN’S FOUNTAIN PEN "If someone needs to buy a present for those who appreciates pens, these are wonderful and really affordable. The producer makes everything by hand and chooses only beautiful rich (and usually exotic) woods … Continue reading

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NoteTaker Wallet

"This is not a cheap piece of gear (if you want cheap chic, build yourself a Hipster PDA out of some index cards and a bulldog clip). But the quality shows in how long this wallet has held up. I … Continue reading

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