Paige Pooler

"…a slice of Metropolitan
life. I thought about illustrating something with more hustle and
bustle, crowds or even a more elegant moment with skyscrappers filling
the skies . BUT, I just kept finding myself thinking of a more
European/Soho/ parts of San Fran kind of setting instead, though my
drawing depicts none of these specifically. A bazillion years ago I
studied for a semester in Paris and more recently dated a man in San
Fran…and the perfect day was to walk around the city neighborhoods
and stop somewhere to loiter over a nice latte or glass of wine. That’s
MY idea of true city life. Here in Los Angeles, my life is more Suburban
than Metropolitan…like the song says "Nobody walks in LA". Ahhh…
but someday, I would love to live in San Francisco with a scruffy
little dog. I hope I won’t be 80 then and unable to walk those hills!"

Paige Pooler
eyes wide apart


[Thanks Leslie Russell]

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