Pigeons pigeons pigeons

Photo: Auburn University

"St Mark’s is like this – rows and rows of pillars with curtains draped in the
arches, and glass globules on the tops, looking like pawns, like round domes. 
The pillars are darkish, grey rather than gleaming white, and the black etchings
on them look like they have been drawn with an inky black pen, much like I am
using now – oh the funny thing is that upon arrival in London, I found both Em
and Lyn had moleskin diaries too, and I was laughing at how similar we are, and
how much I love these girls, that they understand this deep desire to write… 
And at how poseur we are in a sense, wanting to be like Hemmingway, which is of
course the great selling pitch of such stationery…  And we insist on using black
ink pens, but mine is running out!  The black looks like it is smudged, pulled

There are so many tourists milling about, all t-shirt clad, riots of
colour and languages, people with black camera straps around their necks taking
photos, and one of them is Emily, but this time she has her green lomo out."

chronic malcontent