The Paper “Wrap”


"the moleskines come with that brightly colored strip of paper wrapped around the cover.  i love the "graphic" look it gives the books.  i can also see the benefits of color coding [i use multiple moleskines in multiple formats].  but, they never last.  once or twice out of my bad and the things are in tatters.

has anybody been able to keep their’s intact?

oh, and hi.  i’m relatively new to the group, though i’ve been using moleskines [mostly the sketchbooks] in both sizes for about 4 years."

david @ Moleskinerie/GOOGLE GROUPS


3 thoughts on “The Paper “Wrap”

  1. I never actually keep the paper piece – I just toss it. I like the basic black look but I write the date and purpose of the note book “June 2005 Notes” on the top spine so I can see which is which.

  2. I just fold the paper wrap to fit in the back pocket along with the little pamphlet that comes with the book–not at all sure why–maybe it will help some future archaeologist unravel the mystery of the moleskine.

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