We make them, but how do we use them?


"…how do we use pencils and pens ourselves? Do we see these simply as the
products through which we make our living? Or is there a creative group
among us actively using our own products for writing, journaling,
drawing or some other means of self expression? As a multi generational
family participant in the pencil industry I feel a strong personal
affinity and tradition related to our company’s products and the role
these products eventually play in allowing people to express themselves
or contribute to the learning process.

For my own part I have
never considered myself to be a very artistic person. I have
experimented with both journaling and drawing, though I cannot claim to
be particularly talented or committed to regular practice of either.
It’s usually something I’ll do during a vacation; writing in my fishing
journal about that day’s adventure and including a simple sketch. I find that it’s a relaxing and refreshing.."


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