A brilliant idea…


…. or the dumbest thing since Britney’s Vegas wedding!

As has been
mentioned in in a previous post, the regular pocket moleskines can be a problem
to write in. I myself recently swapped to a pocket reporter for my day to day
note taking and have found it much much easier to use, especially on the

But then the realisation hit me, why not just use a standard pocket
notebook, but on it’s side? Obviously it doesn’t work with a ruled one, but with
a plain or squared notebook it’s fine. Having given my old notebook a run, I can
say it works, for me at least. So rather than lanquishing on my desk, my pocket
notebook has gained a new lease of life.

The attached photo shows the
notebook in use, with a draft of this entry."

– Neil.

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6 thoughts on “A brilliant idea…

  1. Jonathan Carroll does the same thing with large unlined notebooks. There is a picture of it here on Moleskinerie.

    It is a good idea, sometimes a larger bit of paper is called for.

  2. I am on my third Moleskine that I use in this way. Very rarely does a page get used in the usual orientation. This allows for more stability when writing while standing. (I am a smoker and in these anti-everything days am banished to the outdoors to partake.) I write a good deal of thoughts, lists, and etc in this manner.

    My 3 yr old grandson turns his Volant the same way Granny does. He had to have his own book to ‘write’ in when we went out for dinner last week. He likes flipping the pages of Granny’s, so to keep him from gooing up and getting my book sticky with his finger prints, I had a spare blank Volant and gave it to him. His crayon worked well, but at home he prefers a Pental pencil. Nothing like starting them young!

  3. Great idea, thank you.

    I grabbed a small Moleskine with grid paper and found it to be a much better writing surface than the usual orientation. Now why did I not think of this years ago?

  4. seriously…I am not a big fan of the squared kind(except for math)
    I just think it interferes with my writing.

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