Breaking the Limit


"Breaking the Limit is one woman’s account of riding her motorcycle
from New Jersey to Alaska and back. Realizing that years of work and travel in
other people’s countries made her a stranger in her own, and with an invitation
to meet her biological father for the first time, Karen Larsen set out on a
fifteen-thousand-mile trip with nothing but her motorcycle and the barest of

Larsen’s journey tests the limits of her own endurance, challenges her
long-held beliefs and values, and asks what it means to belong to a family.
Through the fields of Iowa and the deserts of the Southwest, over the Rockies
and across Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, Larsen confronts questions of femininity,
family, independence, and personal identity. Her journey speaks to the immense
space and overwhelming beauty of North America, as well as to the diversity and
vitality of the people she meets along the way. Breaking the Limit
invites you to join her as she braces against the wind, trades security for
freedom, sacrifices stability for motion, and opens herself up to the vast
canopy of a continent."

"Breaking the Limit:One Woman’s Motorcycle Journey Through North America"