Color Preferences


Sepia? Red? Blue? Black? Green?

Which color of ink do you prefer?

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  1. I heard once that Adolph Hitler preferred to use green ink. However, I’ve never been able to verify the story– perhaps its just a myth.

  2. I write mostly with fountain pen.

    I write most of the time with black ink and sometimes with blue ink. But I have just started my journey through different fountain pen ink colors. I want to try out at least blue-black, green, brown and orange.

  3. Black ink, to be precise Levenger’s Raven’s Black. It’s the best ink I have ever used for my pens.

  4. I mostly use blue or blue black, to make it possible to tell original signed documents from copies. But I also use red in a f.p. for editing, and black and brown f.p. inks in my moleskine for variety.

    I also have one little tin of J. Herbin scented brown ink cartridges on my desk, last used in June to write thank-you notes to people who attended my aunt’s funeral. It’s the Cafe des Iles, which is supposed to have a “spicy floral” scent, but I can’t smell it. Either my sense of smell is burnt out from too many years of Old Spice aftershave, or J. Herbin forgot the perfume in that batch.

    On my desk: Four bottles from Noodler’s (Black, Legal Lapis, Permanent Black, Boston Brahmin Blue), the J. Herbin, and a bottle of Private Reserve Dakota Red.

    In my ink bin: Cartridges from Private Reserve (Midnight Blues, Sonic Blue, Velvet Black), Parker (Penman Black, Penman Sapphire, and plain ol’ black and blue), misc. blues from Pelikan, Lamy, and gawdknows where else.

    No green, purple, indigo, pink, orange, etc.

  5. I use fine point Gelly Roll pens for my moleskine (pocket lined). I color code.

    I like to write down my dreams, and for that I use blue ink.

    For random thoughts, rants, etc I use purple.

    For poetry and story fragments, I use black.

    I’m really new to the moleskine scene (first notebook was bought in early June at a local B&N). But I’ve already bought a second pocket lined notebook and a packet of blank pocket Cahiers.

  6. I use a fountain pen with an Italic nib, and prefer ink in any shade of brown or maroon. That way, even the most mundane shopping list has the look of a Pirate Map.

  7. I prefer black. It is the one most likely to last the ages. Dark blue is nice too but black is nice and basic and the one most easily read on white paper.

  8. I alternate between blue and black.

    I’ve always thought that Pilot makes a nice blue, while the Uni-Ball blues are always washed-out looking. I usually prefer blue in ballpoint pens, except for Space Pens (blue is junk but their black is really dark).

    I found the BEST blue yet last month, however: Le Pen. Their black is G2 level dark (hard to find in liquid), but their blue is just gorgeous. Vivid enough to read, but not dark blue at all. True royal blue. I love it.

    For the fall, though, it’s burgundy and brown Le Pens. I do enjoy being seasonal.

  9. Black, a habit developed because of continuing disappointment in the shades of blue on offer, and the mourning when a particularly good blue ended. With black, you never get your hopes up; you never are let down. Black is the baseline. Black is acceptable.

    I’ve also been fond of purple, though my affairs are fleeting. Because of a number of editors at one job, I got used to making my edits on a draft in purple (distinguished from the boss’s red, the graphic designer’s green, and the client’s black or pencil). Purple seems too vivid for everyday use, and almost seems shocking when presented in large swaths. (Who else was surprised when the Pilot’s G-2 pen, with a pleasant lilac barrel, turned out to be glaringly violet?)

    I associate a warm, medium brown more with drawing than writing. There’s a bottle I carried home from Italy somewhere, in a drawer, for use with a glass dip pen.

    Metallics, while visually appealing, never work out. They smear, they dry up, and they skip, but never fail to lure me back to try a new variety, just in case this time it works.

  10. I like all shades of blue, as well as the blackest black. While using varying shades for subjects is a good idea, whenever I’ve tried to practice it, I forget to switch pens.

  11. Blue or Blue Black.

    Bank in India, we grew up with Parker’s Royal Blue. And contrastingly, I have a big preference for Red for writing only. Otherwise the Red turns into a maroon/deep red.

  12. Whoops!1 I forgot to tell exact inks I like to use.

    Best blue ink I have got is Waterman Florida blue and best black ink I have got is Aurora Black. I want to try out Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black and Aurora Blue some day. Parker Quink (Permanent) Blue is just nice. I want to warn everybody about Pelikan 4001 Royal Blue: It is fscking light, washed-out and pale!

  13. I use J. Herbin Poussiere de Lune in fountain pens…with just a few drops of purple added to brighten it…

  14. I prefer black (Noodler’s for journal and something less permanent for my walking-around jacket pocket Waterman) except for signatures so I have a medium-nib signature pen for that, using blue.

    As for Hitler using green ink, he wasn’t much of a fan of writing as I recall (even Mein Kampf being mostly dictated?) and also neglected to scribble any interesting marginalia in the books he owned for the benefit of future scholars or psychoanalysts. Perhaps he preferred green signatures?

  15. I love ink.


    especially pink ink

    great to write college essays in


  16. Here is my Ink story:

    I used to prefer blue ink. It was the only one I used. (Blue was my favorite color) Also, in fifth grade, we were required to use erasable pens.And blue looked sooooo much better than black ones.Then We switched to permanent pens in sixth grade. At first I remained faithful to blue, but later I tried out a black pen. That soon became my favorite. I also like gel pens, but only when they really are gel pens. Like silver and gold looks nice against my moleskine.
    Now I like black best, but I’ll settle for a dark blue.

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