Ipod: the New Wedding DJ


  "Wedding music, without the dumb jokes and
cheap suits… More and more budget conscious brides and grooms are
cutting costs of expensive weddings by forgoing the traditional wedding
DJ and master of ceremonies, and instead using an Apple iPod to take
care of the music mix. Reporter Derek John examines whether the
personal music devices and other digital technologies could eventually
make wedding DJs obsolete."

Ipod: the New Wedding DJ
by Derek John 

Day to Day, August 17, 2005


Image: ABF

2 thoughts on “Ipod: the New Wedding DJ

  1. I did the same recently at the annual function for a charitable institution. Six hours of lounge and chill on a 40GB iPod hooked up to a Sony powered speaker combo. Filled the hall and I was in complete control of the set. Great stuff.

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