LAMY Studio



"Who else but Lamy
could bring you a clip so full of functionality, yet reminiscent of modern
sculpture. And while the clip is indeed special, the innovative design does not
end there. Use it once, and you’ll find that the Lamy Studio is as smooth in
the hand as it is on the eyes.

Choose among three stylish finishes: palladium, matte black soft lacquer and
brushed stainless. Our palladium finish fountain pen features a 14ct two-tone
gold nib."

Lamy USA

[via Cool Hunting]

Print it in Moleskine MSK format
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5 Responses to LAMY Studio

  1. Nice post. I love Lamy, particularly the 2000 and Safari models.


  2. Troy says:

    Lamy pens are marvelous. This new model is just a thing of beauty.

  3. Mike says:

    I broke my boss’s Lamy 2000 (not a good way to make a career move) before I was into fountain pens. I have a couple of Lamy Safari pens and bought one for my best friend. He loves them.

    I’m still in love with my Pilot Vanishing Point. I just ordered a broad nib for it to see if that will help it write on coarse paper like that found in Renaissance Art journals – the journals where I do most of my story writing. I love the fine point VP for Moleskine use.

    I noticed that the Paladium is a 14ct gold nib. It’s hard to find an inexpensive pen with a gold nib. I saw that the Paladium can be purchased from Fountain Pen Hospital for $65:

  4. Hey Mike. I love my VP too. It came w/ a M nib and I recently started using a F for it with Noodler’s waterproof blue.


  5. cesar says:

    wandelful stilograph !!!!

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