Moleskine and Cyclists


"Two people who really understand my journey gave me presents. Sophie, a
fantastic artist who is also writing a book titled "My Husband and Fifty Camels"
gave me a Moleskine diary to elevate me into the hallowed company of travel
writers such as Bruce Chatwin and Ernest Hemingway. Rob, a soldier for many
years, presented me with a spoon. Not just any spoon, mind you: this is a
‘racing spoon’, favoured by certain Regiments of the British Army because its
shape allows you to shovel very large mouthfuls of food into your mouth at very
high speeds! Perfect for me. To the unenlightened, a ‘racing spoon’ could easily
be confused with the kind of ordinary plastic soup spoon easily purloined from
any Chinese restaurant in Hereford.

Many Masai men ride bicycles – red robes flowing, staff or spear clutched
in one hand, bell ringing in greeting with the other hand. One man invites me to
his village to spend the night. The village, far from the road and protected by
a dense, impenetrable wall of thorns, fascinated me. A 6 foot 2 Masai girl looks
after me and shows me round the village (Harry Flashman eat your heart out!).
Awesome men saunter around, tall and dignified in their robes, elaborate hair
plaited and dyed red, huge holes in their earlobes, splendid jewellery and
glistening spears. They wonder how I get my hair to be straight and yellow. I
ask how on earth they get such massive holes in their ears. Amusement and
intrigue on both sides. If the Masai people had a ‘Discovery Channel’, I would
be on it."

Alastair Humphreys
"Round the World by Bike"
@ BootsnAll

"I looked in my Moleskine later to see the insurance details I had written down. I had
to smirk a little when I realized that the man who had hit me, was named Jesus
D. Alva. Jesus hit me with his car."

Absenter, Writer of Text

"Yeah, I’m a Moleskine guy and cyclist, too. I guess we’re trendy. My
co-workers have been asking me about my Moleskine datebook, including
the woman who left her government-issued PDA in a rental car."

Recent comment at Backporch Beer

In a conversation last night, my pedaling friend Mykell, who hasn’t even heard of Moleskine before seem inexplicably drawn to it. Of course, Moleskine Guru Mike Rohde is a cyclist, too. What’s up with that?

Cyclists and Moleskine. Explain the connection.

Originally posted 1.17.05