Moleskine in Lagos


I am an expatriate American living in Lagos Nigeria. Typically, I will buy my Moleskines when I am in the US on vacation or a business trip. I try to buy what I need for the next year at one time. Last weekend, we went to the movies – at the only cinema in Lagos –  and a new store was selling Moleskines. There were even some styles that I hadn’t seen before. I typically use my notebook as a to-do list
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John Olson

Image: jwolson @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR
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2 thoughts on “Moleskine in Lagos

  1. I’m jealous. I live 60 miles from Los Anegels and the local Borders and BN barely carry a dozen Moleskines between them, yet you found a plentiful display like that in Nigeria. I knew the city of Riverside was pathetic, but it’s even worse than I had suspected 😉

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