Moleskine prices all over the world


"I just got a glance of curiosity: how much do Moleskines cost all over the world?

I, thereby, propose a challenge for this topic: everybody states the cheapest price they have encountered for:

– Pocket Classic Notebooks
– Large Classic Notebooks

The other notebooks’ (Sketch, etc.) prices usually revolve around these — at least that’s the impression I get.

Suggested "rules"/guidelines:
– prices in USD ($), EUR(€) and GBP(£). You can use Google to get an
approximate conversion; example: convert US$ 5.00 in Euro — just type
the following on Google: 5 USD in EUR
– mention if taxes (like VAT) are included, and what the percentage (e.g.: "€5.00 (21% VAT included)")
– for this matter, let’s leave exclusively online shops left out, and
refer only to shops that (despite having an online shop) physically
exist in the given country and you can go there and buy a Moleskine.

This given, I will start with my country: Portugal.
I will progressively edit this post as your information appears, sorting by price (cheapest first 😉 )

Pocket: € 8.70 | US$ 10.70 | £ 5.96
Large: € 12.07 | US$ 14.85 | £ 8.23
VAT: included (21%)"

jcraveiro – 2005 Aug 29
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Image: ABF