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things i’m grateful for

"things i’m grateful for #1" by Michael NobbsVisit his blog and The Drawing Club. SketchCrawl is on August 27. Join! For updates and donations, visit the WMP page.View the scans at " Journey", the WMP Gallery hosted by  Joachim du … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the American Front Porch

"Porches are as synonymous with American culture as apple pie. While not unknown in colonial times, they rose to nationwide popularity in the decades before the Civil War, and remained in fashion for almost one hundred years. Ironically, the very … Continue reading

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Listen to the Cicadas

Image: nthward Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich shares these thoughts on summer’s waning days. Eight Forty-Eight—August 23, 2005WBEZ Chicago Listen.

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“The Blue Butterfly at the End of the Loneliest Road”

"…As we pull off the main road, and head north, Jane bandages my arm with gauze and antibiotics as I comment that we have no music for the next 1,800 miles, because of the thieves. We are for now homeless. … Continue reading

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Maya’s Micronomicon The NotebookThe Travel Blog

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Me And My Quirky Quarks.

"After the InkJet transfer to metal set back I just went ahead with the tried and true photo printing. I got the pictures printed in 3.5"x5" size, cut out, and thr first two coats of gloss clear enamel on them. … Continue reading

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Dog Wisdom

" I’ve met a lot of wise people in my life and I’ve found that the wisest don’t speak too much. But when they do, it’s worth taking note. Which brings me to Ripley. She doesn’t speak much. Not at … Continue reading

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“It’s like that, yo”

Moleskine in hand, Tim Germer tells us all how it is. "Tim Germer of is the one in the photo. He’s a podcasting pioneer in Portland, Oregon, and I snapped this photo of him at our monthly Portland Podcasting … Continue reading

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Дача: Dacha

The unfinished dacha near St. Pete "Being near a lake, and surrounded by valuable cropland, dachas are fiercely fought over, but usually passed down generations with the children sharing the parent’s dacha. Also, a very casual atmosphere prevails. Some dachas, … Continue reading

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From John G. over at Pencil Revolution, this sampler pack of cedar pencils and a Le Pen. Ahhhh they smell so good. ^_^ Thanks!! LINK

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