Moleskine in Uganda

"Maria drawing in my Moleskine." turkeyhead @ Moleskinerie/FLICKR© All rights reserved. Used with... Read More


SketchCrawl is on August 27

" A year or two ago a good friend of mine had a fun bachelor party consisting of visiting ten bars and pubs along the N-Juda Muni tram line. He called it the "PubCrawl". And crawling we did, in fact... Read More


Breaking the Limit

"Breaking the Limit is one woman’s account of riding her motorcycle from New Jersey to Alaska and back. Realizing that years of work and travel in other people’s countries made her a stranger in her own, and with an invitation... Read More


To make a prairie

" To make a prairie, Emily Dickinson said, it takes a clover and a bee…or a teasel and a butterfly, I say. One teasel, and a butterfly, and revery. And revery alone will do if butterflies are few…" Lorianne DiSabatoHoarded... Read More


Ipod: the New Wedding DJ

  "Wedding music, without the dumb jokes and cheap suits… More and more budget conscious brides and grooms are cutting costs of expensive weddings by forgoing the traditional wedding DJ and master of ceremonies, and instead using an Apple iPod... Read More


The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci

"And those men who are inventors and interpreters between Nature and Man, as compared with boasters and declaimers of the works of others, must be regarded and not otherwise esteemed than as the object in front of a mirror, when... Read More


Stickers and postcard??

  I’m a recent Moleskine convert and use the sketchbook for travel sketches. My only question is what’s with the stickers and postcard?  The explanation that comes with the book is plain looney. What the heck is a "signal"?? Do... Read More


We make them, but how do we use them?

"…how do we use pencils and pens ourselves? Do we see these simply as the products through which we make our living? Or is there a creative group among us actively using our own products for writing, journaling, drawing or... Read More


Eugène Delacroix

Eugène Delacroix 1798-1863 Moroccan Notebook 1832 Brown pen and ink with watercolour Delacroix had this notebook with him when he landed at Tangiers in 1832, with a mission led by the Comte de Mornay and sent by the king, Louis-Philippe,... Read More


New York International Gifts Fair

Cutting Edge Design Company Introduces More than 100 New Products at the NewYork International Trade Fair, August 14 – 18, 2005, Jacob Javits ConventionCenter – Accent on Design, Booth #3902. Pintacuda Wind-Up by Chico Bilcahlo. Proceeds help fund a reforestation... Read More