Paper Roses

Here’s a birthday post from Sass @ "Postmodernes Sprachspielen". We love how it sounds like part of a novel.

"Open this one first," he said.

MeisterstuckIt was a moleskine notebook, the kind
Hemingway wrote in.

"And this is the companion," he said, handing me a
rectangular box wrapped in the same beautiful paper roses.

It was what I
used last night to write this story first in my moleskine: a Mont Blanc pen.
Black, with platinum trim, and black ink.

Before tonight, I didn’t know
about Jack; I wasn’t sure; but now, there is no doubt.

He knows exactly
who I am."

Postmodernes Sprachspielen

Update 8.10.05 3.41.PM CST
From Sass:

Most of my blog is exactly that, part of a novel. I sort of explained that here
and in the margin notes.

The story titled Jack and Diane
tells you how it all began…

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