Prompt: The Blizzard, hurricane and other lamps

Blizzard_1"The Dietz Blizzard was first introduced as early as 1898, and is one of only
three lanterns that has remained in continuous production for over 100 years. 
(The other two are the Junior and Monarch.)  There are at least five variations
of the Blizzard, not counting the Blizzard Dash Lantern, and Blizzard Mill
Lanterns.  Millions of Blizzards have been produced since 1898, making it one of
the most common lanterns in the world.   However, Blizzards made before 1912 are
fairly rare.  The oldest Blizzards have a globe lift to the outside of the
airtube, a brass finger ring, and a 9/16" fuel cap, making them very easy to
identify.  All Blizzards made since 1912 have a 13/16" fuel cap.  Blizzards made
after 1917 have both vertical and horizontal beads in the air tubes.  Brass Tank
and Crown versions of the Blizzard were produced prior to 1938 for applications
where tank corrosion was a problem.   In 1936, the Blizzard was streamlined to
reflect the Art Deco era.  Today, the modern #80 Blizzard closely resembles the
large tank "Standard" Blizzard of the 1930’s and ’40’s.  Dietz also made a #1
Blizzard that used 5/8" wick before 1914.  The #1 Blizzard is very rare, as it
was an unpopular model, and was discontinued in favor of the less expensive
Junior lantern."


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One Response to Prompt: The Blizzard, hurricane and other lamps

  1. cindi says:

    I have a 1914 Blizzard lantern- I am wondering if there is any value there?

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