“The Blue Butterfly at the End of the Loneliest Road”


"…As we pull off the main road, and head north, Jane bandages my
arm with gauze and antibiotics as I comment that we have no music for the next
1,800 miles, because of the thieves.

We are for now homeless. The truck is packed with our
belongings. The kayak, strapped above, is stuffed with my uprooted cactus and
succulent collection. For years I pried cuttings off the ends of succulent
plants at the beautiful Huntington Gardens of Los Angeles and regrew the
cuttings in small pots. These plants are a reminder of a city that took me
fifteen years to love. None of them are native to Los Angeles, but these plants,
like the human city itself, are a collection of immigrant hybrids and subspecies
and unusual specimens. Wherever I go, I’ll grow Los Angeles with me."

Erick Gauger
"The Blue Butterfly at the End of the Loneliest Road"
Notes from the Road