A Beautiful Revolution


"I can sense him sitting there, in the corner of the room, smoking his
Havana cigar, vigorously noting my every move in his moleskin pad. The
way I smile. The way I almost allow the opinions that fill my head to
scatter across a room full of strangers. The way I flirt, curtsey;
humbly bow to anyone that looks me straight in the eye. The way my
shyness covers the fear of contributing to the debate. The way he
shakes his head as my confidence builds. The way he checks his watch
the moment my heart begins to fall. The way he knows my deepest secrets
– if I don’t play your game – you can’t beat me. If I don’t raise my
hand – you can’t reject me. If I don’t stand up – you won’t notice me.
If I tell you I’m stupid – you’ll never see how smart I sometimes think
I am. He’s always watching. Always. I hope he isn’t watching me
tomorrow …"

"Every breath you take."
a beautiful revolution