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"Made from Trinitarios, a cocoa bean variety that started near Grenada,
this chocolate has hints of port wine in its aroma. On the palate, it
starts with flavors of lightly roasted cocoa, transitions to vanilla
and then hints of black walnut on the finish. Each vintage of
Chocolatour is unique in its flavor profile. The overall flavor and the
distinct flavor notes will continue to develop with time. Historically,
the Grenada origin has developed the most flavor over time, so this
might be one to age a while before eating."



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  1. Armand, that’s what I love about this site, it has THE best things closest to my heart: beautiful food, beautiful stationery, beautiful pens, beautiful artwork and creative folk, beautiful music, beautiful people who make up all the above and you are the beautiful man who makes it all happen! Thanks a milliion Armand. Lise :^)

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